Physical Education

What is the intent of Physical Education in our school?

Physical Education at Cranfield Church of England Academy enables our children to build confidence and inspires all children to succeed and excel in physical activities as well as living a physically and mentally active and healthy lifestyle.

How is Physical Education implemented in our school?

Physical Education is implemented through various different methods.

Cranfield Academy ensures all staff have access to planning from a variety of schemes. This ensures the progression of PE skills across all year groups, but also that all children are provided with an active and skills enriched learning over the course of a unit.

Progression pathways have been developed that ensure skills are embedded and that children’s knowledge and abilities progress.

At Cranfield Academy we utilise the Sports Premium budget to provide further professional development in the delivery of Physical Education so that teachers are confident and able to plan and deliver quality-first actively rich lessons.

Physical Education coverage is outlined in each year group’s long term planning, medium term plans and in the weekly timetables for each class. These weekly timetables ensure Physical Education is taught discretely for two hours each week.

During each term, Cranfield Academy organise and deliver ‘Healthy and Happy Me Days’ where all children are encouraged to try something new and learn about the importance of keeping the body and mind healthy.

Children are celebrated and encouraged to share their sporting successes outside of school by sharing trophies/certificates in Celebration Assemblies.

Parental involvement is encouraged by way of our weekly ‘take home activity bags’ which contain a selection of different skills based equipment in each bag. Assessment is carried out via teacher judgement at the end of each unit using the school’s foundation assessment system. Pupils are also given verbal feedback and praise during lessons as well as written feedback, as appropriate, in Home School Link Books.

Where can I get further information?

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to speak to your child's teacher.

Click here to view our Physical Education Policy.