Parent Workshops

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, we are proud to regularly invite parents to Workshops to support their child's learning at home. At a time where we are unable to host parents in school due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are making these workshops pre-recorded, to allow parents to view them at their leisure. These training sessions can be found and downloaded below, alongside other useful information as appropriate.

Anxiety and how we can best support our children with Liz Fordham from Making Me:

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Thank you for the advice and support.  I will take a great deal away from this.
 I hope this isn't sucking up too much! I would just like to acknowledge, given that we are talking about structure and a safe base for our children, the role that school, and in particular school staff, are playing in this. I have no doubt that the current teaching environment is not covered in teacher training! So thank you to all of you in school (and at home on zoom!) for your tremendous efforts in supporting us as parents :-)

Stepping Stones:

Audience: Parents of children in Year One to Year Four.


Learning Book:

Audience: Parents of children in Little Cranes and Reception.

Viewing time: 18 minutes 


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