Parent Workshops

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, we are proud to regularly invite parents to Workshops to support their child's learning at home. For those parents who are unable to make our workshops, information from the workshops can be found and downloaded below.

Using Technology:

We are delighted to be able to fund a range of online resources to support children's learning. Links to this can be seen at the top of the website page. 

Learning at Home:

At Cranfield Church of England Academy we do not do homework. Instead, we enjoy “learning at home”. 

We believe a good, well-managed learning at home programme helps pupils to develop the skills and attitudes our children will need for successful lifelong learning. Learning at home also supports the development of independent learning skills and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children's education.


At Cranfield Church of England Academy, we are passionate that our children believe ‘reading is succeeding’! We believe a passion (not just an ability or developed skill!) for reading can open a world of imagination and learning. If you would like to find out more about reading at Cranfield, the presentation and booklet below may be of interest. Alternatively, please do speak with your child's class teacher or a Senior Leader.


We were delighted to welcome many parents to visit school and observe their children's learning in phonics.  

If you need advice or support in understanding phonics and/or reading, please do speak with your child's class teacher. 


Mind Map - Building Children's Resilience:

We are very grateful to all of the parents who attended the Parent Workshop on building children's resilience. We hope you enjoyed finding out about the Mind Map Project work taking place in school each week and how it impacts on your children's social, emotional and mental health.

To find out much more about the Mind Map Project, please click here.

If you need parenting advice or support, please do speak with Mr Piatczanyn, Mrs Dormer or Mrs Massey.