Year Group Weekly Updates - 25th September 2020

Each week, the teachers in each year group write a small update newsletter to keep parents up to date and informed on life in their child's class. These are glued in the children's Home School Link, alongside other personalised communications for all to enjoy.  If you have any questions about life in your child's class, please do speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to help.

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Reception - Robins, Wrens and Redwings:

Dear Parents,

What a busy week we have had in school! A big well done to Redwings who have had to master remote learning rather rapidly! We have been impressed with Redwings efforts! Robins and Wrens children are continuing to settle well in the morning and are enjoying the activities and resources available to them. The children are becoming more confident when investigating the different areas of the classrooms and outside too.

This week we have started our phonics learning.  We have taught ‘s’ as in sun, ‘a’ as in apple and ‘t’ as in tap and have been learning how to write them too, using pencils, paint, chalks and our fingers!  Please reinforce these at home – if you see a word with a ‘s’ in it ask your child if they can spot it. Next week we will be learning ‘p’ as in pin and ‘i’ as in insect.

We hope the children are enjoying the reading books we have been sending home. We appreciate the effort you have put into sharing the book every day. A reminder to Redwings parents to make use of Oxford Owl. It really does make a difference.  Please do encourage your child to put their reading book in the class box so that we can change it for your child.  It is important that these books are in school everyday so that we can also hear your child read.

We hope you have been able to login to Learning Book and are starting to enjoy seeing what your child has been learning.  Please do ask the office if you are having problems with logging in.

Please can we remind parents to keep your children off our play equipment before and after school. Thank you for support with this.

 Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.

Best wishes,

Mrs Edmond, Mrs Sisson, Mrs Merry, Miss Carter and the EYFS Team

Year One - Penguins, Puffins and Parrots:

 Dear Parents,

 We have had a super week this week, continuing with our ‘Dinosaur Planet’ topic. We have learnt about Mary Anning and how she first discovered dinosaur fossils. Please do ask us about her and see what we have learnt.

In phonics we have been recapping the ‘ar’, ‘or’ and ‘ur’ phonemes. Thank you for continuing to support your children with their weekly phonics sheets at home. These will reinforce learning and help us to increase the pace of our learning from time missed in Reception. In Literacy, we have been learning how to create rhyming strings and write rhyming sentences. We read some dinosaur poems and highlighted the rhyming words. We even tried to complete our own rhyming sentences.

In Maths, we have been learning to find 1 more and 1 less. We have been learning to do this through counting on a number line, using number pebbles and building our numbers with cubes.

Puffins and Penguins thoroughly enjoyed Forest School this week. Luckily the rain held off and the mud slide wasn’t too muddy! We started our session by reading a story all about Autumn. Thank you for ensuring the children came to school appropriately dressed with suitable footwear. As the weather turns colder, please ensure that the children bring wellies and a coat on their Forest school day, plus a spare pair of shoes for inside the classroom. A spare pair of trousers might be handy too!

 We hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend.

Best wishes!

Mrs Hargreaves, Miss George, Mrs Calver & Mrs Rust

Year Two Team - Bluebirds, Blackbirds and Buzzards:

Dear Parents,

We have had such a wonderful week! We have enjoyed learning about Captain Blackbeard and showing off our writing skills! We are trying to get better at writing for longer periods of time. In Maths we practised using a one hundred square to subtract, this was tricky but we kept on trying! Some of us have even mastered the inverse to check our understanding.

In our topic learning we created maps using a key, designed our own pirate flag using string and card before printing it and did another floating and sinking experiment using water and salt water. I wonder what your child can tell you about this? It is an exciting experiment you could do at home (it didn’t work very well in our classes!)

Please could you ensure that your child’s jumpers, cardigans and coats are named. This includes those they wear for PE days. We understand how frustrating it is when they go missing but if they are named they are easier to return.

Best wishes!

Mrs Townsend, Miss Hubbert & Mrs Padbury

Year Three Team - Owls, Ospreys and Ostriches:

Dear Parents,

The weeks are flying by and we have learnt so much! What can your child tell you we have learnt this week?

In literacy, we have been imaginative poets. We have used expanded noun phrases, alliteration, onomatopoeia and great adjectives to describe volcanic eruptions.

This week in Maths we have used our partitioning skills from last week to solve addition problems. We looked at the expanded column addition method, can your child demonstrate this method to you?

This week in ‘Rocks, Relics and Rumbles’, we have focussed on Volcanoes, where they are in the world, types of volcano (active, dormant, extinct) and what happens when they erupt.  The children have been fascinated and this has really spurred them on in Literacy too.

In PE we have been enjoying basketball skills – bouncing, bounce passing and moving while bouncing.  We’ve had lots of fun practising these skills.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Adams, Mrs Billington, Mrs Eddy and Mrs Marshall

Year Four Team - Kites, Kestrels and Kingfishers:

Dear Parents,

What an amazing week we’ve had being fully immersed in our ‘Potions’ learning!

We began our week by exploring medieval medicines and were so inspired by the gruesome ingredients we created our own! We used our previous learning of imperative verbs to create a method and our learning power of imagination for the ingredients and the name of our potions!

We have also began reading Romeo and Juliet this week, where we have used our skill of inferencing to describe the characters' emotions. We have also created our own alternative ending to Romeo and Juliet! 

In Maths, we have been identifying 1000 more and 1000 less of a given number, as well as using our place value knowledge to order 4 digit numbers.

We have continued our basketball skills in PE and have shown incredible perseverance with developing these skills.

We have been incredibly proud of Kingfishers who have had to take on their learning remotely. It has wonderful to see. We look forward to Thursday 1st October 2020 when Kingfishers can return to school. 

Best wishes,

Mrs Taylor, Miss Barker and Miss Galvin.

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