Modern Foreign Languages

At Cranfield Church of England Academy we celebrate and embrace the vast range of cultures and religions we share within our school. As a multicultural school we enjoy learning from each other’s experiences and heritages.


Modern Foreign Languages:

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, our Christian Vision aspires for all members of our family to ‘live life in all its fullness’. In the teaching and learning of other languages, we contribute to this vision by:


At Cranfield Church of England Academy we believe that a high-quality modern foreign languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. Beginning to learn a foreign language is the beginning of a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures; a feature of our Academy. The inspiring teaching of a foreign language will enable pupils to begin to be immersed in the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts in speech, providing the foundations for learning written elements of the language taught in future education. Further it will provide the foundation for learning further languages, equipping our pupils to study, work and experience other countries.


In line with the Cranfield Curriculum children will work towards meeting the following objectives:

 At Cranfield Church of England Academy we support the teaching of these objectives through the use of Salut! This is a comprehensive and systematic scheme of work for the teaching of French, with complementary resources such as Interactive whiteboard resources, songs, games and stories. It ensures clear progression in the development of skills and allows the learner to be fully immersed in enjoying, achieving and learning French. In Key Stage Two, French is taught as discrete lessons for at least 20 minutes a week.

International School:
Throughout the school year pupils are involved in a variety international themed learning which links many subjects, the pinnacle of which is our annual ‘International week’. This week is a real celebration which extends to the wider school community, whereby we join together to learn from and with the range of cultures we have within our school’s community. Throughout the week pupils will experience workshops on a given theme, opportunities for additional extra-curricular clubs, a week of learning dedicated to a chosen country, food tasting, visitors to the school and much more! For the past few years our International Week has involved collaborating with Cranfield University, local businesses and the wider community to create authentic and engaging learning experiences for the whole school.

Our commitment to promoting an international character within our school enables pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of the wider world, which is an integral part in supporting our values education and underpins our school ethos.