Cranfield Curriculum 

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, we approach the development of our children's knowledge and skills in a very exciting way; a ‘creative curriculum’ approach where all subjects are taught through one major topic, each half-term.

Our exciting curriculum is both broad, balanced and covers in detail the Cranfield Curriculum's objectives. It is rich in knowledge, skills and meaningful experiences. All subjects are highly valued and equip our children with a breadth of knowledge and understanding in every area of the curriculum.

We have a high focus on excellent teaching skills, as well as children’s of understanding key facts and the development of an extensive vocabulary. We ensure that all pupils are actively involved in real life and meaningful learning experiences. These engage our learners and build up their ability to gain a deep understanding of a variety of subjects. Children are able to talk confidently about a range of topics and demonstrate skills for lifelong learning. 

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Our Curriculum Intent:

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, our Christian vision aspires for all members of our family to ‘live life in all its fullness’, by;

  • being immersed in enjoyment, achievement and learning,
  • aspiring to greatness in all its forms,
  • flourishing in the process,
  • being upheld and motivated in our journeys by a Christian,
    values-based education,
  • ‘Living God’s Love’ as a part of every day.

Through the lens of this Christian Vision, we design our curriculum to focus on children’s development spiritually, morally, socially, culturally, academically and physically, providing the very best introduction to the essential knowledge they need to be educated, well-rounded individuals in a modern world.

 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

We are passionate that our school’s Curriculum intent significantly supports the delivery of our Christian Vision. Our Curriculum intent is therefore ‘to enable life in all its fullness by enjoying, achieving, learning and living God’s love’. This is at the heart of all we do. We pride ourselves on our ambition for every child to be an independent learner who thrives in our stimulating, supportive and safe Christian school. We believe that all children, whatever their abilities and capabilities have the right to receive a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating education.

Each part of our Christian Vision and how it inspires curriculum delivery is shown below…

Our Christian Vision seeks to enable life in all its fullness by…

being immersed in enjoyment, achievement and learning

aspiring to greatness in all its forms,

in the process,

being upheld and motivated in our journeys by a Christian, values-based education,

‘Living God’s Love’ as a part of every day.

Our curriculum intention is achieved because…

we aspire to have the most exciting and innovative curriculum possible for our children where enjoyment is central to children’s achievements and growth in knowledge and skills.

we ensure our curriculum is broad and balanced and enables children to discover their personal strengths and thrive in them. Our curriculum is enriched through innovation and further opportunity.

every child has a champion in our school. Feedback, praise and commitment to quality first-teaching for all provides firm foundations through which children can truly flourish. There is no glass ceiling for our children’s potential.

we are unequivocal in our message that there is no distinction between academic rigour and the well-being of our pupils – our worship and values-based education programme enables life in all its fullness for our young children in the modern world.

our outcomes and successes both within our school and wider community, are rooted in the distinctive Christian ethos and other shared practices that characterise the life of our values-based school.

Our approach ensures effective coverage of the Cranfield Curriculum objectives

Our Curriculum Intent inspires each of our individual subject intentions

Our curriculum is tailored for SEND children.

How do we implement our Creative Curriculum. 

Detailed information on each curriculum subject's intent and implementation can be found within each Curriculum Zone's section of the website. However, each topic is implemented through a progressive and engaging four stage approach as pictured and detailed below.

These four stages take children on an exciting learning journey and enable knowledge and understanding to stick, be used and applied in contexts!

The substance of our curriculum are ten big ideas that provide a purpose for the aspects, skills, knowledge and contexts for our learning.

These big ideas form a series of multi-dimensional, interconnected threads across our curriculum, allowing children to encounter and revisit their learning through a variety of subject lenses. Over time, these encounters help children to build conceptual framework that will enable a better understanding of increasingly sophisticated information and ideas.

 What are out ten big ideas?

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How do we know our intent is achieved?

Our curriculum intent, enabling life in all its fullness, is achieved when:

  • we aspire to enjoy, achieve and learn each day.
  • we contribute to our inclusive Christian environment by sharing in God’s love,
  • we fully commit to our outstanding values-based education,
  • we provide a safe, nurturing and loving school,
  • we provide life skills which encourage our children to shape their own beliefs, values and mind-sets,
  • we all flourish within an inspiring, innovative, meaningful and broad curriculum,
  • we know ‘the whole child’ and challenge expectations of all,
  • we have a positive attitude from all to lifelong learning,
  • we are hopeful and resilient,
  • we aspire to always ‘be Cranfield’.

How is learning presented in our school? 

We are proud to have developed our own unique way in which learning is presented to our children to fully ensure their understanding of our lessons and their content. Below is an explanation of the ways in which this learning is presented.

How does our curriculum ensure progress for all?

Our school has a diverse population, including children who have special educational needs and disabilities, those who are disadvantaged, those who speak English as an additional language and those who attain higher than that expected for their age.

Through an emphasis on attainment and progress for all, we ensure all learners enjoy, achieve and learn in the very best way for them as individuals. We do this through individualised target setting, and monitoring children’s progress against their individual pathways of learning.