Accessibility Plan for 2018 - 2021:

This Accessibility Policy and Plan are drawn up in compliance with current legislation and requirements as specified in Schedule 10, relating to Disability, of the Equality Act 2010. School Governors are accountable for ensuring the implementation, review and reporting on progress of the Accessibility Plan over a prescribed period.

  1. We are committed to providing an accessible environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs. We are committed to challenging negative attitudes about disability and accessibility and to developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion.
  1. Cranfield Church of England Academy plans, over time, to ensure the accessibility of provision for all pupils, staff and visitors to the school.
  1. An Accessibility Plan will be drawn up to cover a three year period. The plan will be updated according to the policy review cycle.
  1. The Accessibility Plan will contain relevant actions to:
    1. Improve access to the physical environment of the school, adding specialist facilities as necessary. This covers reasonable adjustments to the physical environment of the school and physical aids to access education.
    2. Increase access to the curriculum for pupils with a disability, expanding and making reasonable adjustments to the curriculum as necessary to ensure that pupils with a disability are as, equally, prepared for life as are the able-bodied pupils; (If a school fails to do this they are in breach of the DDA). This covers teaching and learning and the wider curriculum of the school such as participation in after-school clubs, leisure and cultural activities or school visits. It also covers the provision of specialist aids and equipment, which may assist these pupils in accessing the curriculum.
    3. Improve and make reasonable adjustments to the delivery of written information to pupils, staff, parents and visitors with disabilities. Examples might include hand-outs, timetables, textbooks and information about the school and school events. The information should be made available in various preferred formats within a reasonable time frame.
  1. The Action Plan for physical accessibility relates to the Access Audit of the School, which is undertaken regularly. It may not be feasible to undertake some of the works during the life of this first Accessibility Plan and therefore some items will roll forward into subsequent plans. The audit will need to be revisited prior to the end of each first three-year plan period in order to inform the development of the new Plan for the following period.
  1. This Accessibility Plan will be available to view on the school website.
  1. The School’s complaints procedure covers the Accessibility Plan.
  1. The Plan will be monitored through the Curriculum and the Buildings Committees of the Governors.
  1. We acknowledge that there is a need for on-going awareness raising and training for staff and governors in the matter of disability discrimination and the need to inform attitudes on this matter

Section 2: Aims and objectives 

Our aims are to:

The tables below set out how the school will achieve these aims.

Improving the Physical Access at Cranfield Church of England Academy 

Access Report Ref.





Car park and approach – is it free of hazards such as bollards, litter bins, overhanging projections etc.

Removal of 2 trees which are impeding parking. –St Peters site

By July 2018


Car park –is it adequately lit?

Further lighting required - St Peter’s site. 

By July 2019

B12 Nosings – clearly marked? KW to paint edges of steps to clearly identify them. - ST Peters By July 2019
E03 Is any level change clearly lit? KW to investigate further outside lighting to ensure illumination of ramps and steps. – St Peters By July 2019
F10 Do door closers / mechanisms provide the following: security linkage, delay action closure, slow action closure, minimum closure pressure. KW to investigate door furniture improvements to ensure they are safe and provide easy access. – St Peters By July 2020
G09 Is the disabled toilet clearly signed? Sign required in Reception to direct visitors to the  toilet facilities-St Peters July 2018
G18 Are suitable grab rails fitted on all the appropriate positions to facilitate the use of the WC? Grab rail on right hand side of the toilet (side away from the wall) needs fitting. –St Peters July 2019
G02 Does the lighting installation of the building take into account the need of people with visual disabilities? KW to investigate further outside lighting to ensure illumination of the site. – St Peters July 2019

 Improving the Curriculum Access at Cranfield Church of England Academy 







Ensure Learning at Home is accessible to all.
  • Review and implement change to Learning at Home tasks which ensure access for all. Move towards a menu type provision which allows more control for families.

Engagement with home learning is increased.

Feedback from all stakeholders is positive.

Wellbeing of all stakeholders is improved.
JP/JD June 2018
Exploitation of technology to support learning for all groups of learners.
  • Support all staff to implement and effectively use Nessy within the classroom.
  • Train staff to establish learning pathways on Education City to support all groups of learners.
  • Use of Ipads for individual pupils – source suitable support apps – train staff.
  • Increased rates of progress for all learners.
  • Increased staff confidence with these programmes
JD/HP June 2018
Develop and enhance provision to support emotional wellbeing and resilience for all pupils, and in particular, for those with a recognised Mental Health need.
  • Commitment to CPD to promote health and wellbeing.
  • Review of the PSCHE Curriculum framework and coverage in light of new legislation.
  • Embedding and enhancement of an outstanding pupil safeguarding curriculum.
  • Effective use of the Sports Premium funding to promote excellent pupil health.
  • Successful embedding of approaches to active learning e.g. Maths of the Day, Play Leading.
  • Delivery of extra-curricular opportunities which promote mindfulness and wellbeing.
  • Active participation and contribution to the CBC Tier 1 Emotional Wellbeing Project.
  • Develop a healthy lunchtime policy in conjunction with the Academy Parliament.
  • Academy Parliament to enhance their role in ensuring pupil and staff wellbeing through monthly Parliament meetings, safety walks & a Wellbeing Minister.
  • Active participation and contribution to the Tier 1 Emotional wellbeing project in Central Bedfordshire.
  • Active engagement with CHUMs – participation in Therapeutic music project.
  • Staff training to support emotional wellbeing
  • Research -national organisations and implement ideas.
  • Research and implement emotional wellbeing assessments
  • Raise awareness of these issues with parents through twitter, website and regular letters.
  • Rigorous safety teaching .
  • Delivery of e-safety parent workshop – supporting their child’s emotional wellbeing.
  • An increase in visitors to support our safeguarding & pupil health & wellbeing curriculum.
  • Enhanced parental opportunity for engagement with safeguarding education.
  • Pupils who are confident about learning and have a “growth mindset” persisting when faced with challenges.
  • Pupils who can set goals, manage stress and organise their school work. Pupils who can use problem solving skills and their better emotional wellbeing to overcome obstacles to achieve their full potential.
JP/JD June 2018
Widen the availability of physical activity within the curriculum.
  • To continue to enhance outdoor play spaces at both school sites to ensure access for all.
  • To continue to implement Maths of the Day in daily lessons.
  • Enhance the resourcing of physical development in EYFS.
  • Embed our Active Learning strategy within school.
  • Complete Health in Schools accreditation 2019
Children who are more active, healthy and ready to learn. JP/JD/SHu June 2019

Improving the Delivery of Written Information
at Cranfield Church of England Academy








Availability of written material in alternative formats when specifically requested.

The school will make itself aware of the services available for converting written information into alternative formats.

The school will be able to provide written information in different formats when requested for individual purposes

JP / Office staff


Delivery of information to all pupils and parents is improved

Make available school brochures, school newsletters and other information for parents in alternative formats when specifically requested (translated documents where possible).

Review all current school publications and promote the availability in different formats when specifically requested

All school information available for all who request it.

Office/ JP


Delivery of school information to parents and the local community improved

Create a video introduction to the school for the website.

To make the school information accessible for those who have difficulties reading English.

Increased accessibility to information about the school.


July 2020

Access to information about the school available to those who struggle to read English.